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The smartphone works like a laptop for web browsing, designed with a wide range of functions that allow you to simplify daily tasks.

One of its most striking features is Possibility to install any applicationallows different academic, informative and entertainment programs to be on the menu. apps your chosen online casino.

Since smartphones are equipped with highly functional options, it is useful to learn many tricks that you may not be aware of. That’s why we present it to you. 7 hidden possibilities of your smartphoneso you can get the most out of your mobile device.

The main advantages of the smartphone

A smartphone from British smartphone is a mobile device with a touchscreen and a mobile operating system (OS) that works like a laptop. Its closest predecessor, PDAsIt is designed as a personal digital assistant that serves to better organize different files.

These smart devices, which have increased in popularity in the 2010s, have an important role not only as a communication tool, but also as a very practical personal organizer. this most used operating systems at the moment:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Windows
  4. SymbianOS
  5. compatibility operating system
  6. Tizen
  7. KaiOS
  8. UbuntuTouch
  9. ColorOS
  10. OriginOS

Unlike a regular phone, a smartphone allows users to stay connected in more advanced ways than standard text messaging and phone calls, such as: email, video calls and social media apps.

They touch screen high resolution, larger storage capacity, wireless connectivity, multitasking functionality, QWERTY keyboard and high speed Internet browsing are the main features that give the smartphone a huge advantage over traditional phones.

Other attractive benefits of smartphones are multimedia messaging, portable digital media player, reading files of various formats and camera with many megapixels. from a wide range of products smartphone brandsThe best right now:

Brand Country of origin foundation year OS Sample
SAMSUNG South Korea 1938 Android Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
view United States of America 1976 iOS iPhone 14 Pro Max
Xiaomi Chinese 2010 Android Xiaomi SMALL X4 Pro 5G
Huawei Chinese 1987 compatibility operating system Huawei P40 Lite 5G
motorola United States of America 1928 Android Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
real me Chinese 2018 Android Realme GT 2 Pro 5G
Honour Chinese 2013 Android Honor Magic 4 Pro
Oppo Chinese 2004 ColorOS Find OPPO X5
Live Chinese 2009 OriginOS Live X80 Pro 5G

One function that deserves special attention is i.Installation of additional applicationsSignificantly improves the user experience by allowing the most innovative and preferred applications to be downloaded and installed in the main menu.

In this sense, you can. educational and entertainment applications such as multimedia programs, Microsoft programs, games and its application mobile casino that you follow, so you can be up to date whenever you want.

The best hidden smartphone features

Although we live up to date with the different innovations of smartphones, it is very likely that we do not know even half of all their functions. some of the best hidden possibilities of your smartphone Here’s what we want to show you this time to make your device work better:

  • MIUI optimization
  • Button customization
  • add guest
  • android beam
  • safe mode
  • Playing videos in the background
  • pin app

MIUI optimization

One of the developer options you need to know in order for your mobile device to work with better performance and have a more efficient consumption, Xiaomi’s MIUI version.

If you want your mobile to run error-free in the background, have fewer errors when opening apps, and have them more stable, you should go for the option. your mobile phone settings and then additional settings. click later Developer Options and press 7 times to finish. MIUI version.

Button customization

Another possibility you can have on your smartphone is customization of buttons so you can configure it the way you like it and you can access your apps more directly.

In the configuration menu you can find the option: button shortcutsby clicking ahead additional settings. In this section, you will find different options. customize the combination of some buttons.

For example, you can activate the camera with gestures and optional buttons like power + home, long-press the home button or even double-click the power button; The camera is fast.

add guest

If you want to keep your smartphone private and not show personal information, social networks, messaging apps and/or multimedia content when you lend it to someone, guest mode.

To enable this option, simply access the device settings and then click on it. Users and accounts anyone System depending on the phone model. Next, you must choose usersand then add guest.

After that, continue customizing this option by adding a name and every time you go to lend the phone, you must enter the guest accountso you don’t have to worry about them finally viewing your personal information and documents.

android beam

function android beam It uses NFC technology, which consists of very fast transfer of information and files from one mobile device to another simply by joining the back parts.

To enable this option, simply go to: settingsthen access Links and then in the option NFC and payment To activate you need to press Later android beam and finally, you will be able to send your selected files to another smartphone at great speed.

safe mode

Safe mode is a possibility that not everyone knows, but it is very useful to try. solves some malfunctions that appear on the smartphone when some applications that become harmful are installed, without the need to restart the mobile from the factory.

In this sense, when activating safe modemobile device you will be left with only the initially installed and system specific applicationsthereby removing other downloaded applications, including those that slow down the computer.

What you have to do is hold down the power button and then do a long tap on the option. Close in the menu that appears, then reboot into safe mode and finally click To accept. In case it is off, simply press the power button, hold the volume down button and then turn it on. safe mode.

Playing videos in the background

There is a simple trick to letlisten to music from YouTube while using other appsand only via the web version for computers.

All you have to do is access your smartphone’s browser, for example Chrome, and hit the option. website for computers. Playback stops when exiting YouTube, but can be resumed easily from notifications.

pin apps

Being able to set up a particular app will also benefit you in terms of privacy, because if you are going to lend the phone to someone, that person will only be able to access the set app and not the others until you stop setting it up.

To make this possible, simply enter the configuration and then press . Securityand then Advanced optionsthen clicking on app pinning To enable this option

Next, you need to slide your finger towards the middle of the screen and press the application icon and then click on it. pinning. Later on, Whenever you want to unpin the app, you can do so by swiping up and holding down, or by pressing and holding the home and back buttons.then enter your password.

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