Gabriel Lima Covarrubias, technology and security

Gabriel Lima Covarrubias, technology and security

With more than three thousand employees and a presence in 22 states, Irontigers has grown into one of the most important private security companies in the country.

Company owner Gabriel Lima Covarrubias talks about the challenges private security companies face and how they adapt to technological changes.

The private security specialist believes that success is based on the integration of a professional team, perseverance and effort at work, as well as the passion, integrity and dedication they have worked with every day for the past 13 years.

Founded in 2009, the company aims to differentiate itself from the rest through the integration of real experts, trained and equipped personnel.

“Seeking the dignity of the work our colleagues do every day has helped us differentiate ourselves in our industry, we’ve learned a lot about it in recent years, and that’s one of the reasons for our continued growth,” he says. .

Irontigers has 22 Entities in the country and hopes to reach the entire country next year and be present in at least two more countries.

“The challenges of the environment have helped us remember why we dedicate ourselves to doing business, leave our comfort zone and always try to innovate and encourage creativity and entrepreneurship,” says Gabriel Lima.

On the other hand, he is aware of the risks of the private security services profession.

“We have had many critical moments, our colleagues risk their lives every day to protect those who use our services, but I think the hardest part was ensuring that our company did not shut down during the most critical times of the year. Pandemic. , and see how we move forward with the courage and dedication of all members of our organization,” he says proudly.

Although the company was founded in 2009, Gabriel Lima has many years of experience in private security matters.

“Irontigers began to shape a company based on my 25-year old job where I had great teachers who let me learn how to do and how not to do things in life. I started in 2009 with a dream, full of uncertainties but with our faith in God and our belief in what we want to achieve, the road is difficult and we believe we are on the right path”.

He also draws attention to the fact that they are in a transformation process that enriches human labor with more and better technological tools.

“We don’t believe technology is replacing the work of people in safety, but it transforms and enriches it.” On the other hand, Lima Covarrubias believes that family plays an important role in achieving people’s goals.

“Trying to be the model that encourages them to be people who make a positive impact in society is undoubtedly an incentive to work every day. “A good friend once taught me that the only thing one can truly inherit is a good example and a good name.”

Gabriel Lima advises new generations to do everything they do or undertake with passion and do their best for it.

“I don’t know if it’s up to me to give advice, but if I’m allowed to comment on what new generations should have, I can say without hesitation that whatever they decide, whatever they decide to do, whatever they do, let them put all their strength into it.” they are capable of interest and passion, and learn by perseverance that life encounters challenges every day and you must face and overcome them”.


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