So you can clean the dust and oil from your TV without damaging the screen.

So you can clean the dust and oil from your TV without damaging the screen.

In most cases, people usually place televisions on the wall of the living room or bedroom, as this location helps to save more space in the house. However, it is useful to carefully analyze the places where the device will be installed. Because it can get dirty quite easily.

In this sense, it is important to make an adequate cleaning of the television, this is done to prolong the time as well as to prevent damage to the computer screen.

Now people can turn to a screen cleaning liquid that can be found in different chain stores to accomplish this. It can also be prepared on your own with equal parts of distilled water and isopropyl a mixture of 30 ml of water and 30 ml of alcohol.

How to clean the TV screen?

turn it off and unplug it

The best way to start cleaning your computer is to shut down and unplug your computer. In the same way, it should be left to cool for ten minutes, and then sprinkled with liquid. Also, turning off the screen will allow you to see dust or oil stains better.

Clean the edges and back

The least used parts are the ones that accumulate the most dirt residue, especially if they are located on the wall. In this order of ideas, dirt stains should be removed with a dry cloth.

moisten the cloth

One thing to consider is that the liquid should never be sprayed directly because it can damage its internal components, so the cloth must be moistened with the selected liquid.

Clean without applying pressure

The best way to do a gentle cleaning is to run the cloth in a circular motion from top to bottom to avoid streaks. Likewise, you should avoid pressing the screen as it may cause major damage.

Tips to watch Qatar 2022 matches online

Too many devices not connecting to Wi-Fi network

It is important to determine how many smart devices are connected to a network, this can help optimize the connection on TV or other equipment that will be used to watch tournament matches.

It is also recommended to pause the download of large files to avoid network saturation.

Position the router well

The quality of connection with wireless networks largely depends on the location of the devices connecting to it, so it is important for the user to place the Wi-Fi modem in an unobstructed area. Likewise, it is important to position the television or other devices in the area with the best coverage.

However, if there is a possibility to use an Ethernet cable to connect Smart TV to the Internet, it is highly recommended to use this source as it will provide greater speed and stability.

Verify that you have good bandwidth

Bandwidth determines data download speed and therefore affects the display quality of content viewed online. Ideally, a home should have a connection of at least 20 mbps. Therefore, it is recommended that fans check with the Internet service provider to find out what the bandwidth of their connection is.

Share mobile data

In case of a connection error that cannot be easily fixed, you can go to mobile data and connect the television or tablet you plan to watch the match to the internet. For this, it is necessary to use the data sharing that all smartphones have.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the user risks running out of mobile data on his plan by using this resource, so it is very important to disconnect from the phone as soon as possible.

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