How To Get Paramount + UK On Sky TV And NOW For Free

Paramount +, the major American streaming service, is finally launching in the UK – and SOME Sky customers will be able to get it for free, with NOW subscribers only getting a fraction of the free content.

Earlier this year, Sky announced a partnership with Paramount +, which will bring its customers in the UK a free subscription, as a bonus to “Sky Cinema” subscribers.

Since we’ve been getting so many questions from Sky and NOW (formerly NOW TV) customers who want to know if they can get Paramount + for free with Sky – we’ve prepared this handy guide.

When Paramount + launches in the UK, on June 22, 2022we’ll add some of the more technical details – but here’s everything Sky and NOW customers need to know at this point.

What Is Paramount +?

Originally known as CBS All Access, the streaming service owned by Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS), launched in the US in 2014.

Paramount Plus phone laptop
Photo: Deposit Photos / Nikki Meel

In the UK, Paramount + will be available as a stand-alone streaming app / service on all major streaming devices – Amazon Fire TV, Roku and others, as well as Sky Q and Sky Glass.

As we reported last month, Paramount + UK will not support 4K / HDR or Dolby Atmos at launch.

Paramount + will normally cost £ 6.99 / month or £ 69.90 / year, with a free 7-day trial available to everyone. Some Sky customers will get it for free, as a “bonus” – see below.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Photo: Paramount)

In terms of TV shows and films, Paramount + will offer more than 8,000 hours of content at launch – original TV shows like the new Star Trek incarnations, Halo, The Good Fight and more, as well as popular US shows like Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown, Yellowjacks and more (see our Paramount + launch day content highlights here).

Paramount + will also feature a long list of blockbuster filmsincluding some very recent hits that will be added throughout the year – Top Gun: Maverick, Scream 5, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and more.

Top Gun Maverick in jet
Photo: Paramount

It’s important to note that a Sky subscription is not REQUIRED for Paramount +, as it’s a full standalone streaming service. But Sky Customers will simply get it as a bonus.

Is Paramount + Free On Sky?

Yes, Sky TV customers who are subscribed to Sky Cinema will indeed get Paramount + for free – with a few caveats.

You’ll only get the full app, and the full Paramount + experience, if you have either Sky Q or Sky Glass (the new streaming TV from Sky).

Paramount Plus is Sky Cinema official

Those customers will find a standalone Paramount + app on their Sky Q or Sky Glass devices, and will also be able to access Paramount + on other devices with their own credentials (though that is yet to be confirmed).

Sky customers with older Sky + boxes, will NOT be able to get the full app for free, and will not be able to access it on other devices either (unless they subscribe to it independently, of course.)

Instead, Sky + will have “a range of content” available on their set-top box, similar to Sky’s deal with another American streaming service, Peacock. That content, however, will be limited.

Also, as part of the deal with Sky, Paramount Pictures’ feature films will remain available on Sky Cinema, without the need to switch to the Paramount + app – therefore those films will be available for Sky + customers as well (and NOW customers – see below ).

Sky Q and Sky Glass customers who are not subscribed to Sky Cinema will still be able to use the standalone Paramount + app on their devices – but will have to sign up and pay for it separately.

Sky Q official
Sky Q

More technical details on how to access the Paramount + app on Sky will be released after June 22.

And, at this point, we don’t yet know how long Paramount + will remain free for Sky customers.

Is Paramount + Free On NOW TV?

Sky’s streaming service, NOWalso has a Sky Cinema membership (that currently costs £ 9.99 / month).

Unfortunately, Sky Cinema members on NOW will not be getting Paramount + for free.

They will of course still be able to watch those specific Paramount Pictures’ films that will remain available on Sky Cinema, including new releases that will be added throughout the year.

NOW TV Stick
NOW TV’s Old Streaming Stick

Furthermore, we were told by Sky that the stand-alone Paramount + app will be available on NOW’s own streaming devices if you still own one of those (although they’re no longer being manufactured).

But even on a NOW streaming stick, you will have to subscribe and pay for Paramount +, and won’t be getting it for free.