Salford’s Adelphi Lads Club re-opens as summer beer garden and music venue despite objections

An iconic but empty lads club has been turned into a summer bar and music venue despite concerns raised by local residents. The organizers were granted a temporary license on Friday to use the Adelphi Lads Club in Salford.

An application for a full license and a 1am extension will be heard within the next few weeks. Some neighbors and councillors had raised objects but this weekend its new use was staged without any trouble.

The club house on Cannon Street has been closed since 2008 and a fire which ripped through the building in 2010, destroyed much of its photos and artefacts. The history of the club goes back to 1888 and it’s motto was “What’s brave, what’s noble, let’s do it.” But the summer bar could be its last hurrah before it is bulldozed to make way for flats.

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Those behind its brief re-birth say every Saturday throughout the summer it will “play host to all-day parties from the largest regional promoters and underground chilled sets from globally recognized DJ’s. It is envisaged it will be open Thursdays 4pm – 11pm, Fridays 4pm to late, Saturdays 12pm to late with the weekend continuing on Sundays 4pm – 11pm.

An Adelphi Lads Club IPA, which is being brewed by Big Hug Brewery is being sold and guests can book tables for both food and drinks, and walk-ins will also be available. The outside space, featuring covered area is available for bookings.

Councillor Barbara Bentham, Salford council’s lead member for environment, neighborhoods and community safety, said: “The process of dealing with premises licenses and temporary event notices are set out in law and the council is following those processes.

“Salford City Council received an events space application in May from Adelphi Garden Events Ltd, for a premises license at Adelphi Lads Club, Cannon Street, Salford. The application covers the performance of plays, films, dance and live and recorded music, the provision of indoor sporting events such as boxing or wrestling and the supply of alcohol and late-night refreshment.

The 2010 fire which destroyed memorabilia dating back 120 years at the Adelphi Lads Club in Salford.

“The application was subject to a 28-day period where people could submit representations and this period ended on 15 June 2022. A number of representations were received, and Salford City Council will be arranging a public hearing for consideration of the application by the Licensing Panel. This will take place within 20 working days from the end of the representation period.

“In addition applications were received for two temporary event notices (TENs) at the premises to take place between 16 to 20 June and 23 to 26 June 2022. TENs are considered by the police and environmental health, as responsible authorities, taking into account the licensing objectives (prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance and protecting children from harm.)

“Salford City Council’s environmental health team has been working with event organizers to ensure that the premises are in a safe condition before activities begin under the temporary event notices.”

The transformed Adelphi Lads Club in Salford which has become a bar and music venue for the summer of 2022.

Local councillor, Jane Hamilton, who was a member of the club as a child, had been contacted by some local residents who were against the setting up of a bar and venue. She said: “I went yesterday and chatting to local residents there were no problems. I spoke to the guys who are behind it and they appear to be really responsible and want to make it work. We will have to monitor it as we go.

“The 1am extension will be a possible issue. The organizers want that so people can continue to drink and listen to music inside the premises later on. They have assured us there will be no problems with noise. I just want to protect the local residents from any possible issues. I did speaker to some older residents however who said they would be pop in for a drink. “

Callum Broome of Broome Events Group, co-owner of the avenue, said: “To restore this historic Greater Manchester building has long been a dream of mine, it’s an honor to bring back part of this iconic venue. The Adelphi Lads Club has played such an integral role in so many people’s lives over the past decades, we can’t wait to reopen the doors to the modern generation for them to enjoy the space before it’s gone for good. ”

“The Adelphi Lads Club opened on Friday, June 17th, as planned after working closely alongside the local authorities. The entire weekend went very smoothly and there were no complaints.

“Our priority is to create a safe and inclusive bar and kitchen for the people of Salford and beyond to enjoy the Greater Manchester summer. As an experienced operator, the Adelphi Lads Club will celebrate local producers, brand, creatives and industry offering jobs during this financially difficult time whilst invigorating the area as we bring this historical building back to life.

“We are working very closely with all stakeholders; local councillors, the local authority and Salford residents to ensure that everyone is happy to welcome us into the neighborhood.”

The outdoor space created at the Adelphi Lads Club in Cannon Street for a summer-time bar. The temporary license has been granted.

The Adelphi Lads Club was founded in 1888 by 23-year-old teacher Walter Southern, who did so in an attempt to keep impoverished kids off the streets of Salford. It offered diverting pastimes for young lads, including clog repair, singing and painting.

The Adelphi was first established as a replacement for the defunct Adelphi Ragged School, an institution which kept poor and deprived lads off the streets and out of trouble. Originally based at a former mill in Pine Street, the Adelphi was involved in numerous sports, including football, squash, basketball, boxing and snooker.

By 1889, 156 lads had joined and its efforts drew the attention and patronage of local businessmen and philanthropists throughout the city. Men such as Benjamin Armitage and Harold Lee both supported the club, leading to the construction of a designated premises for the club on Hall Street.

The red brick building was completed in 1890, 13 years before the Salford Lads Club opened in Ordsall. In 1914, with the outbreak of World War I, the building was commanded by the Broughton Copper Company to increase wartime capacity.

By the time the war ended in 1918 the Hall Street building was no longer usable and a new building was constructed on Cannon Street. It opened officially on December 18, 1921, and would continue its great tradition of creating sporting heroes in the city.

Plans were submitted to Salford City Council in 2019 to demolish the building in order to erect an apartment block on the site.


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